Dapplets Project
Our idea is to create a layered Web of choice that blurs the boundaries between resources, granting new functionality and returning control to users over their content and attention.
problem statement

A big issue of the current Web is centralized ownership. The Website Owner has total control over his website, allowing him to control the community fully, enforce undesired actions, and extract all the value created.

Dapplets and Mutable Web changes this paradigm. It enables Communities to create a custom version (Mutation) of an existing website by enhancing it with add-on Applications called Dapplets. Dapplets are running in the User’s browser permissionless and on his behalf.

Mutations provide Communities with tools they are missing on original websites and make them self-sustainable and resilient against undesired Owner actions like censorship and governance overreach.

Mutable Web adopts community-driven tokenomics and governance, attracting developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to join the ecosystem. It also incentivizes the website owners to join the community governance and tokenize their legacy fiat-based business.

We seek to counter the increasing prevalence of censorship and manipulation that plagues modern media by giving users the tools they need to reclaim their autonomy over information consumption. Our main goals are to:
Restore Freedom
we aims to restore unfettered access to authentic, unfiltered content, free from censorship and manipulation.
Empower users
to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools that give you full control over your digital environments and enable curated, personalised systems based on your preferences and interests.
Enabling New Bussines Cases
by harnessing the power of decentralisation, Dapplets aims to revolutionise traditional online activities and introduce fundamentally new bussines to popular websites.
Bridging gaps
ultimately, the project aims to bridge the gap between legacy systems and emerging Web3 technologies, promoting greater transparency, autonomy and efficiency throughout cyberspace.
brand assets
Dapplets Project has evolved from a humble project into a community of developers committed to revolutionising blockchain technology. As the platform evolved, we simplified the process of creating dapplets and introduced advanced tools for developers.
Also, as the community grew, cohesion and consistency became paramount. Thus came the enhanced Dapplets Project Styleguide and Brand Kit, a comprehensive resource designed to synchronise brand messaging, visual language, typography, colour palettes, iconography and more. Embodying the values of security, scalability, simplicity, compatibility and decentralisation, the updated Styleguide showcases sophisticated minimalism with clean lines, bold colours and modern typography.