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Role model and economy Ways to collaborate

  • User

    Users install and use dapplets because these dapplets are able to solve their problems and provide the functionality they need.

  • Lister

    Listers are a special role unknown in the classical web. Their job is to select the most interesting apps and make a list of them. Popular listers can be rewarded by developers for listing their apps.

  • Developer

    Developers and Owners write and publish apps because they help drive their business processes or can be monetized through user acquisition.

  • Auditor

    Auditors review the app's code and are responsible for making sure it’s safe for the end user. They can be rewarded by both developers and end users.

Owner One to rule them all

An Owner is a person who started the development and created the first registry entry for a new dapplet. An Owner receives all rights to the new app.

The Owner does not need to have coding or design skills. Any person who has an idea and a vision of the future app can become an Owner.

The Owner "lays the first stone" of the future application, creating it in “Under Construction’ status. A dapplet with this status becomes an item of the Dapplet Store. It can be added by the user or the lister to the Listings. This dapplet will be activated for the user as soon as its status changes to "Working". Any dapplet in “Under Construction” status can be transferred to another Owner.

After the "laying of the first stone" the Owner has to find the development team and execute the development of the application. He is given two months for this process. If after two months the dapplet is not uploaded to the registry, the name record will disappear and the dapplet will have to be registered again.

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Lister One to find them all

Lister One to find them all

Listers are a special role unknown in the classical web.

Because our apps are published in decentralized repositories, they are all available to any user: unfiltered and uncensored. But how will the user know which apps are useful for him and which are not?

The lister's job is to find "diamond" apps and compile a list of them. Users can subscribe to listings of their choice. Having subscribed to a lister, the user begins to see the world "with the lister’s eyes." All apps added by the lister to his list are automatically activated for his subscribed users.

For users, the lister becomes a guide to the world of dapplets. For a developer, the lister becomes an ambassador for his apps. A developer can motivate a lister for adding his app to the listing.

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Developers and auditors One to bring them all

Developers and auditors One to bring them all

Decentralization of UX is one of the key steps in the transition to Web3.

Augmented Web gives the user a concentration of knowledge and experience of the entire community right in the place and at the moment of making a decision.

Dapplets Project is built as an unstoppable, permissionless and decentralized system based on a flexible economic model.

Together, we can give the economy and users new business models that are currently unattainable.

We invite developers from all over the world to join our community and contribute to the development of Augmented Web.

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