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Synergistic effect for all parties involved

In the internet business, as we know it now, only website owners can create and earn money from business processes that run on their websites. This is because ownership means full control over the users' communications.

Dapplets Project disrupts this paradigm and creates technology that enables new kinds of applications - dapplets. These dapplets run on top of existing websites, in the websites' context, but out of the website owners' control. This new paradigm enables tons of brand new applications and business opportunities.

Dapplets technology also has a big social impact. It allows censorship-resistant user flows on centrally owned websites, even for banned content and banned users. It cancels the “cancel culture“ effectively.

Dapplets is a true Web3 project: unstoppable, permissionless, anonymous, open-source and decentralized, not only on the backend level but on the UX level too.

We invite developers all over the world to become a part of our community and contribute to the development of the Augmented Web.

How to become a developer
Down The Rabbit Hole

Read our documentation
Go through all of the exercises in our documentation
Join our community of developers on Discord
Choose any dapplet idea from our list of ideas or think of your own one
Now you have a Web3 app with your own token
The best dapps may receive grants from the platform to support further development
Ideas List

Some Dapplet Ideas
Feel free to take one

Today we're at the very beginning of the journey. The technology has been developed, but the application options are still emerging.

We see a lot of development ideas:

  • Public Stickers - a dapplet that allows users to place stickers directly on public content.
  • Total Comments - a universal dapplet that allows its users to annotate the content of any website.
  • Tips & Donations - a dapplet that lets users send tips to content creators and contributors. This can work in different communities, different blockchains, and tokens.
  • Avatar NFT Augmentations - Avatar augmentation - clothes, accessories, gadgets, and bodies for your Avatar. In the form of NFTs that can be bought, sold, and traded.
  • Instant NFT Minting - a dapplet that allows its user to turn any content (e.g. a social media post) into an NFT.
  • Instant Message Encryption - a dapplet that can encrypt texts as they are being written. To retain privacy and protect users from message parsing by web crawlers.
  • Universal Chat - a dapplet with an online chat that’s displayed on top of any website. It allows users to have direct discussions anywhere within the content’s framework.
  • Site Reviews - a dapplet that provides independent and unstoppable site and project reviews, with undeletable comments, and ratings, all stored in blockchain.
  • Avatar Trolling - a dapplet that provides the opportunity to change other users' avatars and draw something on top.

A full list of ideas ready for development can be found in “Ideas List” on our Github.

Grant Program

Dapplets Project has a Grant Program for developers that are contributing to the growth and development of the Dapplets ecosystem. To request a grant please fill in this application form.

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AUGE is a native utility ecosystem token.

AUGE emission is based on the Bonding Curve model. The Bonding Curve is a form of a smart-contract that buys and sells tokens, based on the price formula that’s been introduced.

For any independent project, the owner may prefer to have their own token. It is unfair to enforce the dapplet Owner to use AUGE as the project token. We thus need to accept, that both tokens will exist.

Dapplets Platform provides any dapplet developer with the opportunity to create their tokenomy based on their own token.

Internal platform mechanisms allow the creation of dapplet tokens on the basis of connected Bonding Curves. The AUGE Bonding Curve functions as the main curve while the dapplet token curve functions as the second curve. This way, the AUGE token works as collateral for the dapplet’s Bonding Curve.

“I am the watcher on the walls”

Our platform is being built as a permissionless open-source project and can be used by anyone. That’s why end-user security is one of our topmost priorities.

We call on any developer to join our community as a code auditor. This is a highly respected expert-level role in our community. Your job is to check dapplets and adapters for any malicious functionality and ensure overall code quality. The audit workflow is formalized as a set of verification tasks and auditing questions, which makes the job affordable for any skilled developer.

Since all the complex and low-level work is done by adapters, developers can keep the dapplet code clean and simple. A basic dapplet usually contains around 100 lines of code. This makes its audit much easier and reliable for the end-user.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to participate in the project as an auditor. Later the audit on-boarding process will become permissionless and autonomous.