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Brand resources usage

Please do things like...
  1. Use the Dapplets logo to promote our project.
  2. Use the Dapplets logo in a video or an article about us.
  3. Use the Dapplets logo and branding to advertise your dapplets.
  4. Contact us if you’re not sure whether it is appropriate to use the Dapplets logo.
  5. Use all of the files in our archive in SVG format for your promo materials.
Please don’t do things like...
  1. Take our logo from our social media instead of the wonderful resources provided below.
  2. Use the Dapplets logo as your personal avatar, or as a dapplet icon.
  3. Create your own version of the Dapplets logo or modify the existing one.
  4. Use Dapplet branding on unlicensed stock images or other materials.
  5. Create promotional materials using the Dapplets logo together with low quality stock images. Please pay attention to their resolution, composition, and contrast.
Mission Statement

In the internet business, as we know it now, only website owners can create and earn money from business processes that run on their websites. This is because ownership means full control over the users' communications.

Dapplets Project disrupts this paradigm and creates technology that enables new kinds of applications - dapplets. These dapplets run on top of existing websites, in the websites' context, but out of the website owners' control. This new paradigm enables tons of brand new applications and business opportunities.

Dapplets technology also has a big social impact: it allows censorship-resistant user flows on centrally owned websites, even for banned content and banned users. It cancels the “cancel culture“ effectively.

Dapplets is a true Web3 project: unstoppable, permissionless, anonymous, open-source, and decentralized, not only on the backend level but on the UX level too.

Logomark construction
The Dapplets Project logo is carefully consturcted using the principles of the golden ratio. Its smooth, circular design is created to attract the viewer’s gaze without overpowering it with an excess of information. Like all of Dapplets Project’s designs it is minimal and beautiful in its simplicity.
Complex logo construction

The Dapplets logo consists of a Logomark - an icon and a Wordmark - written text. The space between the two is equal to 0.12 multiplied by x. X being the length of the Logomark’s top side.


We urge anyone who uses our logo to leave a clearspace all around it. This will ensure the end material is comprehensible
and up to mark. To calculate the clearspace just take the size of letter “a” in the Dapplets logo you are using.

Minimum size

The Dapplets logo does not have a maxmium size, so go as big as you like. We do however have a minimum size - 160px * 34px. We cannot stress how important it is to follow these recommendations, as otherwise the image’s quality and comprehensibility will be affected negatively.

Mono color logo

Our logo is only available in the beautiful colours that are presented here. These colours were carefully and thoughtfully selected by our designers with respect to our ideology, vision, and mission. Any other colours simply do not reflect all of these factors and are thus not recommended for use.


There are three variations of the Dapplets logo. However, the option with the complex logo and the squared logomark is the main one. When choosing a dapplets logo please always select the this option unless it is absolutely impossible for you to use it. The other two options are created for irregular situations and are not to be used if the first option is a viable choice.

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Colors usage

The colours presented below are to be used in accordance to their respective titles. E.g. #F5CF6C - for warnings.

All of the colours that are presented are selected by the Dapplets design team with the utmost care. Their subtle attraction enables the viewer’s engagement without causing any unncessary distraction.

Primary Color #D9304F
Secondary Color #588CA3
Success #5EC280
Warning #F5CF6C
Danger #FF6442
Info #5AB5E8
Main Black #2A2A2A
Content Black #747376
Main Grey #BBBBBB
Stroke #E3E3E3
Pure White #FFFFFF
Background 1 #F5F5F5
Background 2 #EAF0F0
Main Typography

The typography, like all of the branding materials presented by Dapplets Project, relies on the W3C specifications and guidelines. In doing so we assure our community with full accessibility and availability of our designs. We hope to enable anyone using our branding with the possibility to ensure high technical and editorial quality.

Web H1 Playfair Display, 128px Line Height 100%
Web H2 Playfair Display Black, 56px Line Height 100%
Web H3 Playfair Display Black, 24px Line Height 100%
Web 36 Text Segoe UI Regular, 36px Line Height 149%
24 Text Segoe UI Regular, 24px Line Height 149%
18 Text Segoe UI Regular, 18px Line Height 149%
18 Text Segoe UI Regular, 18px Line Height 100%
14 Text Segoe UI Regular, 14px Line Height 149%
14 Text Segoe UI Regular, 14px Line Height 100%
Download fonts Dapplets

Our Alternative typography is created for anyone who is not able to or does not wish to use the main typography. We do however, insist that these typographies are not mixed and mashed to create an entirely new organism. Both are constructed to be their most effective and attractive selves and would like to remain that way.

Web H1 Montserrat Black, 177px Line Height Auto
Web H2 Montserrat Black, 67px Line Height 149%
Web H3 Montserrat Black, 67px Line Height 149%
Web H3 Montserrat Black, 67px Line Height 149%
Web 41 Content Montserrat Regular, 41px Line Height 149%
Web 41 Header Montserrat Black, 41px Line Height 149%
WebMobile 26 Header Montserrat Black, 26px Line Height 149%
Web Content Montserrat Regular, 16px Line Height 149%
WebMobile Content Montserrat Regular, 14px Line Height 149%
Web Content Black Montserrat Black, 16px Line Height 149%
WebMobile Content Black Montserrat Black, 14px Line Height 149%
InApp H1 Roboto Bold, 22px Line Height 149%
InApp H2 Roboto Bold, 16px Line Height 149%
InApp Regular Text 149 Roboto Bold, 14px Line Height 149%
InApp Regular Text 100 Roboto Bold, 14px Line Height 100%
InApp_OnTag & Notification Text Roboto Regular, 10px Line Height 100%
InApp_OnTag Uppercase Roboto Regular Uppercase, 10px Line Height 100%
Download fonts Dapplets
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